It takes a team of special individuals to “crush” work like we do.
Crush we define as over-delivering. Here are some of the guys that make it happen:

The Classic Auto Factory is the brainchild of longtime entrepreneur in the industry Darius Grigaliunas and his better half Rimante. After a combined 35 years experience, they know three unquestionable truths about the classic car service industry:

1.) Everything has to happen at one location.

To work on a classic car you need to make an appointment with a mechanic, then body, then interior, then back to mechanic, then back to body, maybe then back to interior. That takes years. The Classic Auto Factory is 1 stop, down a conveyor, done.

Car Museum
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2.) Has to be all indoors

Classic cars cannot be outside! If you take it somewhere that has it outside, or partially outside, or temporarily outside, well, that is not taking care of your car. In fact, 7 months out of our year it is totally detrimental to your classic to be outside. So why risk it? The classic car needs to be inside, indoor storage must be offered for whatever you are doing from selling to servicing.

3.) Must make parts.

Restoring and making parts is essential as supply chains break and in general supplies of OEM parts are low and becoming extinct. We have lathes, a mill, and all the necessary people and other equipment to make many parts in house.

Classic Car Museum

The journey was to find the right location, the right facility, outfitted with the right equipment and the right team. We checked all the boxes. Our customers are not just excited, they are elated. Word spread quickly once we opened and we experience a high volume of people interested in our facility and services. Check it out, don’t wait.

No detail was overlooked, they all matter. From the orange suspenders on the guys, to where a car is parked, to what a customer signs, The Classic Auto Factory worries about everything so you and the staff will be set up for a long-term relationship. Who takes a spot in their showroom to build a full Rainbow Playset for kids? We did. Your classic car is part of your family, so this needs to be for everyone.

The natural progression of the property will lead to a museum for the public to not photo a SpongeBob car for their Facebook profile, but to witness the hobby in its raw form. From storing, to keeping it on the road, to selling your classic car, everyone can experience the magic. These shows on television are very heavily influenced by an editor and producer. No, you are not going to buy a 56 Corvette, restore it in 12 days, and sell it for a million at Barrett Jackson. Not going to happen, sorry. But that is not a bad thing. The journey of a car has so much more to it, and at The Classic Car Factory, you can do it all!